Competing Blind in the America Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament

(First published in Bob Izumi’s Reel Fishing Magazine) Few…

Blind Fishing Sailfish Using Bait-and-Switch

I first crossed paths with Tred Barta in Colorado where we teamed…

Lunker Walleyes from Fast Flowing Rivers

Fishing for Walleye in lakes is equivalent to downhill skiing on blue diamond slopes; doable, but not nearly as challenging and potentially rewarding as pursuing huge Walleye in fast flowing double-diamond rivers.
Lawrence with Kyla and Matthew at Ritchie Falls Resort

A True Canadian Grand Slam

Mathew and Kyla Owl were selected by the new First Nations owners to lead the transformation process and operate Ritchie Falls.

Fishing for Bass on Canadian Shield Lakes

You really don’t need to go far from Canada’s capital and…

Fishing Streamers for Giant Rainbows Using Touch

As my wife, two youngest, our two pups, and I were well into…

Backwater Adventures in the Florida Keys

We’ve all watched on TV people sight fishing for Bonefish and…

White-Tip Shark in Jupiter

Lance Glaser of Goldon Fishing Expeditions invited me to spend a day with him and several of his friends fishing the Near Shore just off Jupiter Island
lawrence maestro smarty boxes

Inuvik Pike by the Midnight sun

In advance of Maestro and I heading to Inuvik NWT for a conference on boom and bust northern community economies, I gave a call to a mutual friend
Mile’s Hilton-Barber, Lawrence and Alain Danis

Carp on the Mighty St. Lawrence

The 3rd and final leg of my fishing adventure with Mile’s Hilton-Barber involved fishing for Carp on a section of the St. Lawrence River
Lawrence holding a nice walleye

A time to Jig and a Time to Dropshot

Fishing with jigs is quite possibly one of the oldest forms of fishing using artificial baits.

Ice Fishing Ottawa River Walleye is About Time and Place

Twice in January I ventured out on to the frozen Ottawa River…

Late fall and Where’s the Bay of Quinte Walleye

Each fall king-sized Walleye return to the Bay of Quint on Lake Ontario’s Northern shore.
Lawrence 16 Walleye, Yannick and Colin

Ottawa River – Walleye or Sauger

Flowing past Canada’s Parliament and threw our fourth largest city, Ottawa, the Ottawa River may be one of Canada’s least appreciated recreational fisheries.

Walleye on the Bay of Quinte

Late fall is when Walleye that have roamed Lake Ontario all summer return to the Bay of Quinte to pass the winter and prepare for the spring spawn run up the rivers.
Jay, Miles, Lawrence and Bill

Walleyes on Lake Sasseginega

Sunday morning had Miles Hilton-Barber and I heading up to Bush Country Camp on Lake Sasseginega about 2 hours north of Temiscaming