Fishing with Moby and Gord Ellis on the Nipagon River

Gord Ellis with a 26 inch Steelhead

While wading rivers for Trout I find it interesting just how closely my guide dog Moby watches my every move. Last weekend on the Nipagon River The water was just above freezing so Moby wasn’t interested in getting more than his legs wet. However, it didn’t stop him from joining in the excitement that hooked Steelhead provoke when darting about in shallow water.

When we did catch one, he was right there giving the Trout a good sniff. When I snagged bottom and the rod bent over, he would wine with anticipation. And then, during those slack moments, he did what all of us were thinking of doing during such periods of inactivity, he sprawled out on a bed of sun-warmed rounded river rock and took a nap.

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